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Transforming the technology to future.

Your Bioprocess Engineering Partner.


Be the foremost choice for bioprocess equipment, where customers find unparalleled value, quality, and innovation in every solution we provide.

Established in 2012, Amerging Technologies has swiftly ascended as a preeminent bioprocess equipment manufacturer in the industry. Our reputation is built on unwavering dedication to quality, value, and unmatched after-sales services. 

Anchored in engineering expertise and innovation, we proudly cater to a diverse portfolio of industries including biotech, pharma, biofertilizer, and beyond. Our driving force has always been a deep-rooted commitment to customer satisfaction. Our business model revolves around a customer-centric approach, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed expectations. It is our belief that through transparent and ethical business processes, we pave the way for long-term mutual prosperity.

In-situ fermenter from Amerging Technologies showcasing advanced bioprocessing equipment


Fully Autonomous, Uncompromisingly Sustainable

Lab Scale Fermenter

1-10 Lts


Basic | Advance | Pro Version

Our state-of-the-art lab-scale fermenter is designed for researchers and scientists aiming to cultivate microorganisms or cells under controlled conditions. Borosilicate glass vessel with SS316L top plate, combined with intuitive controls and a highly efficient design, this fermenter is perfect for small to lab-scale research.

autoclave fermenter
pilot scale fermenter

Pilot Scale Fermenter



Basic | Advance | Pro Version

Introducing our BioRacI Fermenter – a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize your bioprocess operations. BioRacI Fermenter combines innovative technology and precision engineering to provide a versatile and efficient platform for cultivating a wide range of microorganisms and producing valuable biomolecules.

Production Scale Fermenter



Basic | Advance | Pro Version

Designed for large-scale microbial and cell cultivation, our Production Scale Fermenter seamlessly bridges lab research to industrial production. Built with robust materials, it offers vast capacities to cater to high-volume demands. Key features include a durable framework, advanced aeration systems, and precision controls for temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, mass flow, antifoam, and feed. The fermenter integrates user-centric controls ensuring easy operability, while its design promotes uniform mixing and optimal growth conditions.

production scale fermenter
parallel fermenter

Parallel Fermenter

1-10 Lts


Basic | Advance | Pro Version

Introducing our state-of-the-art lab-scale parallel fermenter, meticulously engineered for precision and efficiency in biotechnological research. As a leading manufacturer, we've infused advanced features into a compact design, facilitating simultaneous cultivation under varied conditions. Our fermenter promotes reproducibility, ensuring consistent results in every run. Ideal for studies on microbial dynamics, metabolic pathways, and fermentation optimization. Incorporated with user-friendly interfaces, our system elevates the standard of bioprocessing studies.

Lab to Production scale Photobioreactor



Basic | Advance | Pro Version

We are a premier manufacturer specializing in photobioreactor fermenters, offering solutions from lab scale to full production scale. Designed for excellence, our systems support efficient algal and microbial growth, bridging research and industrial applications seamlessly.


Turnkey Solution



Basic | Advance | Pro Version

We are industry leaders in providing turnkey solutions, covering the entire spectrum from upstream processes, such as seed initiation to production fermenters, to downstream operations including filtration and centrifugation. Our comprehensive solutions ensure seamless integration, optimized efficiency, and reliability throughout. We simplify complex bioprocess workflows, ensuring your production is both consistent and scalable.

Amerging Technologies turnkey solution


We offers a range of compelling advantages that make us the ideal choice for any bioprocess engineering innovation project.

Amerging Technologies stands for excellence. As we've grown over the past decade, our constant endeavour has been to evolve, refine, and improve in every facet. We remain steadfast in our pledge to offer unparalleled value and stellar customer service to our global clientele.


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