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SCADA Software

Amerging Technologies manufacture a wide range of vessels and impellers, including customized options, fermentation and bioreactor systems have the capacity to grow virtually any cell type: whether it’s anaerobic or aerobic microbes, yeast,insect, plant or mammalian cells.


SCADA software IndusDAQ

SCADA is system control and data acquisition software which is use for controlling multiple fermetners from centralize local. IndusDAQ cater your real time bio-processing control and monitoring needs, virtually any process plant where central controlling and monitoring is required. IndusDAQ interface with our or any existing system. IndusDAQ control the parameters according to the requirement within the batch by user defined recipe control system. It generates the reports according to the client requirement which helps in optimization of process.

Standard Features

  • Quick view all the parameters

  • Log the data by user defined time interval.

  • Visualize the valves ,motors and other instrumentation parameters.

  • User level controls.

  • Display Alarms.

  • Real-In Trends.

  • Report generation.

  • Export reports to excel or pdf.

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