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Production Fermenter 

Amerging Technologies manufacture a wide range of vessels and impellers, including customized options, fermentation and bioreactor systems have the capacity to grow virtually any cell type: whether it’s anaerobic or aerobic microbes, yeast,insect, plant or mammalian cells.


Production-Fermenters BioRacIP

BioRacIP Fermentors/ Bioreactors are in place sterilization systems ideal production scale fermenter. We manufacture upto 20,000Lt fermenter. We always provide the turnkey solution to our client where with fermenter we also provide the chiller , boiler and compressor.

Standard Features

Controls We have reliable and robust instrumentation control panel which includes Touchscreen display, PLC , Isolated IOs, various Communication .We offer list of controls as following:

  • Temperature Control

  • Sterilization Control

  • Agitation Control

  • pH Control

  • DO cascade 

  • Feed Control

  • Antifoam Control

  • Back pressure control

Communication Options :

  • Modbus TCP

  • Modbus RTU

  • Profibus

  • MQTT

  • Induscloude pro Propority for cloud interface 

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