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Sale to Dispatch Journey

Updated: Jul 3


This blog is an overview of how Amerging Technology work on any project, how we connect with our customers and fulfill their requirements along with after sales services, everything has been explained. In this blog, I’m going to discuss about project and how our team works from manufacturing to a successful dispatch of the product to the client.

About Project

The 7L glass vessel bioreactor comes with a state-of-the-art control panel, a ribbon mixer, chillers, compressor, fume-hood and autoclave. Also, the system is fully automatic which means all the valves are pneumatic and do not require any manual effort from the user for their functioning. Based on operation or user requirements, its function will be determined by the control panel. The control panel connected to the bioreactor is the brain which decides the actions of the fermenter. Sensors connected to the bioreactor provides real-time information regarding the various parameters which governs the processes inside the bioreactor.

Temperature sensor measures the temperature inside the bioreactor which is displayed through the HMI screen on the control panel. Equipped with insulation, heating jacket and heating rod temperature inside the bioreactor can be raised to the desired level. If the operation/ user requires temperature of lower ranges, chillers provided will supply water at low temperature which will flow through the chiller loop pipes inside the bioreactor. Anti-foam sensor is responsible for detecting any foam formation and notifying the control panel and end user, based on which preventive actions like CO2 aeration, acid/base supply can be taken. Dissolved oxygen content is an important parameter for bioprocesses and hence should be monitored and controlled meticulously. This is achieved with the help of a Dissolved Oxygen sensor which measures this variable and based on this value, the control panel directs the mass flow controller to manipulate the supply of gases through the sparger. pH sensor detects any change in pH conditions inside the bioreactor. Based on the value detected, acid/base is supplied using pumps.

Amerging Teamwork

Each project/order is first received by the sales department. They are responsible for converting client queries to orders for the manufacturing company. They interact with the client regarding their requirements based on which details and specifications are fixed. This along with other detailed information is provided to the Process department who map the entire process in a detailed manner. Various specifications regarding the project are changed and decided during this step. This is followed by designing the bioreactor in software’s, so detailed drawings and 3D models can be generated for production reference. Production department manufactures the bioreactor based on inputs from process and design departments after which quality checking will be done. Finally, the product will be packed and dispatched to the client where it will undergo installation and commissioning. We always deliver the product in time and we are available 24*7 for after sales service. We make 100% efficient products following the parameters given by our clients.

We don't see our clients as customers, they are always a part of the Amerging family.

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