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Peristaltic Pumps

Amerging technologies offers a wide range of low flow lab pumps to high flow industrial pumps for dispensing, filling, metering, dosing, sampling and transferring applications. The Peristaltic pump models are classified as per flow rate requirements and the application functionality requirements. Which can also communicate with existing system using various protocol.

The pumps are available at various flow rates from 0.1ml/min to 50l/hr. with graphical display for monitoring and RS485 communication interface.

Multi-channel pumps are available for upto 8 channels
(Maximum) with consistent and accurate outputs in All
the channels. It is provided with individual Motors and
Drives for trouble free operation. The unused channels
can be kept as spare unit and the down time will be
avoided. Pumps available in multichannel are 0.1~60,
0.1~200, 1.0~1000 & 1.5~85ml/minute respectively.

Filling stations with Auto/SemiAuto/Manual mode of
Operation is available with in-built drip back facility.