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Lab Centrifuges

Microprocessor based high speed centrifuges designed and manufactured for the scientists in the field of biotechnology research for various applications.

All our centrifuges carries brushless motors made in
Germany and our wide range of angle rotors and swing out rotors made our system more versatile. Wide range of centrifuges are available starting from micro centrifuge to large volume centrifuges for all types of application with or without refrigeration and heating. 

- Maintenance free brushless motor made in Germany. - Variable acceleration & deceleration.
- Counter balanced lid, balanced in all positions.
- CFC free refrigeration system.

- Solid mild steel construction, steel armored chamber       for  total containment.
- Suction feet for maximum stability.
- User friendly control panel.
- LCD display/PLC based touch screen.
- User stored programs.
- Simultaneous display of RPM/RCF, Temperature & time
- Imbalance detection.