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Digital pH Meter

Digital pH measurement  for food and beverage production, control  brewing,  fermentation,  and  food process control Soil-based agriculture and hydroponics, Cutting  oils, alkaline washing  liquids, pH  levels of  fruit  juices,   Quality control for aquacultures and aquariums pH levels of boiler liquids, pH  levels  of alkaline liquid  and other soluble solutions. For pH meter with  ATC, temp. comp. with Pt100 from -10 to  130°C.  Accessories: Combination pH  electrode, Two  Buffer Solutions,  Electrode Stand.


Functions                    pH, mV
Range                        0 to 14 pH continuous
Resolution                  +-0.01 pH
Accuracy                    + - 0.01 pH (relative)
Repeatability               + - 0.01 pH
Input Resistance         10^14 ohms
Temp. Compensation   0 to 100°C manual
Slope Correction          80% to 120%
Stability                       + - 0.01 pH a!er warm up
Asym Pot adjustment   + - 1 pH